ACT franchise ACTis nowplanning to setup its own shops. From an ACT shop, you should be able to buy the sort of things that you can buy in any business-computing store, with the obvious extra point that you should be able to buy the entire ACT and Pulsar software range. The chain of ACT shops will be called Computerworld if the group gets its way, but there are obstacles to the name. There is a company which is called Computer World Trade, which admittedly didn't j timp into my mind when I heard Computerworld, but which might nonetheless get edgy. And there is a newspaper called ComputerWorld. Normally, thereis nothingto stopa shop havingthesamenameasa newspaper, but again, it leaves the edge of uncertainty lying about to trip over. Interestingly, the idea is notforACTtoownthe Computerworld stores. The pilot store has been set up with a minority ACT ownership, in Bristol- but the company executives assure me that this is an exception. Instead, the stores will be franchised, like McDonald burgers. ACT will provide the ddcor, to ensure they all look alike, and can share in the benefit of group advertising, but the store manager will have hisownbusiness. Anddespitewhatyoumay think, people selling the ACT Sirius will be able to sell other micros -'even the IBM PC if they can convince us they need the franchise,'said an executive. 'But obviously we will generally take the line that we have such a wide range of products that they shoul dn't needto.'