My ACT Apricot PC

The flip-down drive cover is closed, concealing the two 3.5" Sony floppy drives.

Close-up of the mouse and keyboard. The Microscreen is an LCD screen built in to the top right hand corner of the keyboard. It has six configurable buttons (each one has an LED to show whether it is active) and the LCD can display meanings for each of the six buttons.

Side view of the "mouse" - actually more like a trackball.

Another view of the mouse. Note that this is the "wired" version which connects to the back of the keyboard. It also draws power via the keyboard.

However there is another version which uses infra-red. Naturally for the infra-red version, the wire is missing and it is battery powered via a 9V battery. The infra-red transmitter is behind the dark panel you see here on the end of the mouse beneath the Apricot logo. The infra-red versions were used with the Apricot 'F' series (FP, F1, F2, F10).

Another view of the mouse - the two buttons are on each side.

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