Which Internet web host?

Which hosting provider have I hosted actapricot.org with since 1999 and why?

This site has been up full-time with Yahoo web hosting since 1999. I go to sleep at night NOT wondering whether my site is still up and running - I don't have nightmares of users turning away because of an error message or (even worse!) Google attempting to index an empty site. :-)

I find Yahoo's domain and hosting control panels are easy to use but still give me the power I need. Plus there's plenty of context-related help when I need to learn something new. And I still have the power to integrate the tools and systems I need on my more advanced pages (direct FTP access, PHP scripting, domain record editing, etc).

Yahoo's pricing is good and over the years they have added both bandwidth and web space into the basic package while keeping the price down. And during this time Yahoo has continuously improved the tools and management interface. The groups tool I use is also hosted by Yahoo (they bought eGroups and have integrated eGroups into the standard Yahoo interface).

FYI - tools available include PHP, MySQL database, Perl, File Manager, direct ftp access, blogging add-ons. (Some tools are dependent on which hosting plan you choose).

Would I recommend Yahoo webhosting? Yes, I would recommend them. There are circumstances where they may not have the best pricing deal for you but if you want a rock solid web host with a set of easy to use tools I would recommend them wholeheartedly.

Go ahead and check out Yahoo webhosting features and plans.

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