ACT/Apricot support

Support for IBM compatible Apricot machines

When Mitsubishi Electric closed Apricot UK down completely, they handed over in-warranty support to OSE Midlands. The website which OSE Midlands kept available during this support period has been rescued (thanks to James Talbot) is now available here: Mitsubishi Insight Online. Please bear with me - some of the links are still broken.

Mending and upgrading your ACT/Apricot

Getting software for the Apricot series

Transferring data between the ACT/Apricot machines and modern machines

If you need to get files which are on an Apricot floppy disk then Transferring files from Apricots should help.


Documentation will be added here as it is available electronically.


A UK company apparently called User Prompt (of 54 Stanhope Road, Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent DE11 9BQ) created a number of "UserPrompt Guides". I have been unable to find any current contact information for User Prompt so these guides are reproduced here without permission:

Original Apricot documentation

Other support avenues

Please refer to the list of relevant companies.

Buying and selling Apricot computers

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