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* I try to get back to everybody but due to the volume of email that I have and my limited time, I am often slow to reply. I apologise for this and encourage you to use the discussion list as your first line of support.

I also receive the discussion list emails and I am able to provide some help through those as well.

Posting/mailing address for hardware, manuals, software, magazines etc

Please post items like these to my workplace (easiest to handle, esp for the larger items).

     Jonathan Marsters
     c/o Motorola Inc
     6450 Sequnce Drive
     San Diego
     CA 92121

If you are donating something to me, please email me before you send it - I can likely refund the postage.

Meeting Jonathan

If you're in San Diego, let me know and we can go for a drink!

ACT Apricot Discussion

Please use the community discussion list as your first line of support. There are a growing number of Apricot users on the list although the number of messages is quite low at the moment.

Please become part of the support community by joining the list and using it.

Go here to join the Yahoo Groups* ACT Apricot discussion mailing list.

Once you have joined, you can post to the ACT Apricot discussion mailing list using your email program. It's very easy to use - you get the messages in your regular email with the word [actapricot] at the beginning of the subject. You can reply to these messages or post directly to the group at

Subscribe to actapricot by typing your email address below and clicking the Join! button:

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Other Contacts

Collectors and enthusiasts

There are a number of collectors on the web with an Apricot machine or two in their collections:

Wanted page

Buying and Selling Apricot computers and everything related

For buying, selling, shipping and receiving Apricots and related please read this. Thank you. There is a warning and some adice on likely shipping damage and how to avoid it.

How should I link to

Please use one of the following links (I expect these to remain as the site is updated and/or re-organised).

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