Current Projects

You can help - donations which can help build the website always wanted.

***URGENT*** Finding OSE database!

Please help - I have been trying to locate the OSE website/database. Please see the OSE LOST?! page for details.

Gathering print materials and presenting on the website.

If you have any magazines reviews or articles which I haven't posted, I would welcome copies (preferably colour scanned images). An expose of ACT/Apricot in the press.


APRIDISK is an ongoing development project to allow archiving and retreival of Apricot disks.

See the APRIDISK download page for details. At the moment APRIDISK is closed source. I have not received any requests to make it open source as yet (although I would consider it).

Apricot emulator

The intent here is to create ACT Apricot emulator(s) for the PC, Xi, Portable/FP, F1/F2/F10. The current thinking is to create Apricot support in the "MESS" (MAME based) emulator. I have a massive amount of documentation on the Apricots which will help this project and which I will post on this site as and when I can. Please see the Apricot Emulator project page for details.

Apricot museum

IDE adapter

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