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Please go here for the Insight Online web site hosted at

In addition, the Apricot BBS is also available.

Mitsubishi Insight Online

History of Mitsubishi Insight Online

Mitsubishi Insight Found again (Dec 2004)

The OSE website was believed lost but James Talbot is the hero of the hour for finding the website, contacting me and giving me one of the CD's distributed within Apricot. It is basically the same content as the OSE website supporting the IBM PC compatible Apricot machines.

Mitsubishi Insight lost

OSE Midlands evidently had a time-limited contract with Mitsubishi to support the Apricot series of machines. The website was taken offline mid-2004. At this point, it was believed lost.

Mitsubishi Insight handed over to OSE Midlands(1999)

The Mitsubishi Insight Online database was handed over to OSE (a service company) in 1999. Here is a quote from their website:

"In 1999 Open Systems Engineering acquired the warranty service operation of Mitsubishi Electric's PC Division and created a new warranty facility based centrally in the Midlands. This facility includes the technical, spares and support staff that were previously part of Mitsubishi Electric's PC Division and therefore has unparalleled experience of supporting Mitsubishi Electric and Apricot PC systems and servers. When this experience is coupled with the high quality and multi-vendor activities already offered by the Open Systems Group the combined group can satisfy your every requirement."

OSE Midlands supported the most recent (by a few years) Apricot machines. They did not directly support the older ACT Apricot machines but did still have the file database (BBS) that was built on Mitsubishi Electric's web site.

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