Software for the ACT Apricot computers

Right, here are the facts:

I have masses of disks with software for the ACT Apricot computers but I have very little time. I want everybody that wants the software to be able to get at it.

I also purchased the rights to the original Apricot distribution disks from Banks Software. I am now posting the disks on this web site as time permits.

Now here is the plan:

I've now written a program which will read, store and write Apricot disks. Download APRIDISK.

I want YOU to start using the disks and tell me what's on them (if I don't already know). I can then present a complete and useful list of disks on this web site. I would ideally put all of the disks on the site for free download but I won't have enough space. I'll still place all of the most common requests on the web site since there are some very common requests such as boot disks!

For the disks that I cannot fit on the web site, I may make them available on CD.

How far have I got?

A working version of APRIDISK is available and I have archived over 150 disks. I have many more disks which I will continue to archive as time allows.

Follow the above link for APRIDISK to get to the disks.

In the picture below, you can see a (small) pile of disks to be archived (on the left) and disks that have already been archived (on the right). There are many more in addition to these. Pile of Apricot disks

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